Frequently asked question

What currency do you accept to participate in your Pre-sale?

We accept BTC - ETH and USD as a payment method, we also accept credit cards and bank transfers.

Could you explain me how the bonus system works during Private Pre-sale?

As written in the White Paper, who invests up to $10,000 has a bonus of 50% (you get free Tokens), from $10,000 to $100,000 has a bonus of 70%, from $100,000 and over has a bonus is 100%. If you purchase $100,000 of DAGO Tokens, you will receive 200,000

Your payments are in ETH but you mine BTC is that correct? And if so, why not just payout in BTC?

Payouts will be provided in ETH because we will use Smart Contract based on Ethereum platform, (it can show how much DAGO tokens each backer has) so all we need is to convert mined BTC into ETH and put it on the smart contract address. It will make automatic payment according to our business plan.

Do you have referral bonuses?

Yes, we have a referral program, you may register on our website and after registration, you will be able to get your referral link to get bonuses. You will get 3% from the investor who used your referral link.